Keys : Arrows + Space (Jump)

Xbox 1 Controller : Axis + A (Jump)


Instagram: weeklygrinds



This idea came to me out of nowhere, and it was amazing. Being fast paced and simple made me enjoy creating and playing it much more. I have a platoon of ideas and features that I could implement into the game currently. Being able to expand on such a simple platform is nice. On top of that local multiplayer would have been a great idea to execute

What went well

I believe I was able to get a great amount completed in such a short amount of time. I would say it definitely bypassed the idea I had in my head when starting. Definitely have a game that I could add onto, polish up, and produce/add to my portfolio. 

What went wrong

I kept pushing the boundaries and didn't really set myself enough time to polish the game as much as it should be polished. I also used other peoples code without really completely understanding them and that's killing me. Practically used over a half an hour on art I didn't use.

What I learned

I learned a bit more about 2D physics and more practical time management. Sometimes pretty when there is minimal time isn't the best option.

Credits: Sounds

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